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Kikswap is not just meme token, A cross chain multi staking and spot trading platform on BSC Network

Kikswap (Official ®)
4 min readDec 17, 2021


Kikswap announced the next generation protocol prior to its pre-sale. The staking utility will be available to investors at launch and will begin staking across various smart chains. The news came after the company’s successful product development, partnerships and integrations. Staking has traditionally allowed investors to earn higher APYs. The lack of cross-chain systems now makes it difficult for investors to explore everything DeFi offers. Kikswap aims to provide the most staking pair of DeFi spaces than any other platform.

Kikswap is a decentralized staking platform designed for flexible multi-chain investments. Starting with the Binance Smart Chain, investors have the opportunity to achieve high returns and expand their portfolio with new and existing tokens from the available pools. As DeFi services become more popular, the demand for cross-chain systems is higher than ever. Kikswap has identified a huge market opportunity for staking protocols to support projects across different blockchains on one platform. The network states that the key to expanding the smart chain is to provide a sustainable growth model, develop revenue streams from the utility sector, and work closely with the launch pad to provide a new staking pool.

Technical specification

A liquidity pool is a smart contract that holds reserves for two or more tokens and allows anyone to deposit or withdraw funds only according to very specific rules.

One such rule is the constant product expression x * y = k. Where x and y are spares for the two tokens A and B. To withdraw a certain amount from Token A, you need to deposit a proportional amount from Token B to maintain a certain k value before the fee.

Non-fungible tokens

In addition to offering regular NFT farming on the network, Kikwap also offers meme NFT farming, where users can transform their meme content into meme NFTs. Also the platform offers NFT staking. A process in which community members can stake their NFTs instead of tokens in a staking pool and reward in terms of NFTs or currencies. Kikswap also offers NFT trading on multiple platforms to provide access to its users to larger and more diverse marketplaces on crypto.

Kikswap community is a single large family with an ever evolving series of events. Our network ensures high security to our community members through third party audits.

Kik Governance Utility

Governance is an indispensable need for any kind of institution, organization or services, as they grow in size and invite more participants; such as our project. At its core, the underlying motive of governance is the facilitation of participants and alignment of their interests in such a way that leads to the long-term sustainability of the organization. With KikSwap tokens, our governance platform will enable you to create polls and vote for protocol changes that include changing the way we operate, changing the way the platform generates revenue, changing the incentives and changing the world for the better.

Kikswap Tokenomics

Kikswap is a token on Binance Smart Chain boasting various impressive features. Kikswap is a token on Binance Smart Chain boasting various impressive features. This is a unique exchange protocol that gives users complete control over how they manage their finances. Apart from offering spot trading and staking utility owners KikSwap’s native token, can create surveys and vote on changes to implement on the platform. Voting is just as important as adjusting the algorithm and deciding how to generate revenue. Mixing these three outstanding features together, users are able to get a power house token out of the hands of anyone, except the community.

Kikswap Roadmap

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Kikswap (Official ®)

Kikswap is a specified Crosschain DEX and staking platform for meme tokens. From staking these meme tokens to trading them with multi chain features.