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3 min readDec 26, 2021


If you are alive and have a sound internet, then probably you are well aware of NFTs! Unless you live in an isolated island somewhere in Indian ocean like the Sentinelese. Well if you are here and reading this through your screen you are nothing like them, instead you do know something about NFTs. Well here I am about to add something in your knowledge, so stay tuned.

The amalgamation of DeFi and crypto has given rise to fascinating technologies. We almost every day here about new innovations popping out. It’s really been just 8 months since Jordan Lyall’s ‘degenerator’ tweet got viral. This silly viral tweet, was the beginning of a new era in DeFi. This viral meme tweet initiated the concept of meme NFTs, a new way of collecting digital art via NFT farming.

The concept of NFT farming itself has been around for quite some time now. However, meme NFTs farming is a relatively newer concept in the industry. And it has surprisingly helped people make a fortune out of itself. Many people who have become meme or created memes are now selling them for millions of dollars. For instance, Zoe Roth, commonly known as the disaster girl became a meme when her father photographed her in front of a burning house. The photograph appeared as zoe roth smiling infornt of the burning house, and quickly went viral on the internet as a symbol of wittiness. The disaster girl image has now been sold for $500,000 dollars at auction

Another meme Doge became increasingly popular to a point that a cryptocurrency was created out of it. The image of that meme was later sold for four million worth of Ethereum. An estimation regarding the adaptability and craze for meme NFTs can be made from this figures.

The announcement

To facilitate this huge chunk of crypto users, Kikswap has introduced a meme NFT farming feature on their platform. Launching on the end of this month. Since its inception, it has emerged into new position of innovation where community members, influencers and respective communities can come altogether to interact in a fun way and collect rare digital art.

The Kikswap team is proud to finally introduce a newly built NFT discovery and farming platform called meme NFT protocol MN.2. Lots of blood, and sweat make our new platform today and mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of MEMES.

It is remarkable and joyful to state kikswap’s milestones during its first quarter of launch.

  • 30+ Artists and Authors
  • 6,700 unique NFT holders
  • 17,300 Twitter followers
  • 6000+ on Telegram/Discord
  • $100,000 + Donate to charity
  • $150,000 Community Prize
  • USD 25,000,000 on kikswap platform
  • 4,500 bsc (US $9.5 million) in the secondary market

New release features

Rebuilding from a platform from scratch

We listened to you. To meet the growing demands of the platform, we have implemented the necessary front-end and back-end changes that enable all of this.

Backend flexibility

The improvements we have made give us great flexibility to adapt to future iterations and innovations. There are many ideas I can’t wait to implement that wouldn’t have been possible without these fundamental changes implemented today.

Content and drops

Content is no longer tied to developer resources and can now perform tasks that used to take hours to drop in minutes. That means more art, more artists, more drops!

UI / UX improvements

This will continue to improve over time, but we believe the new design is a new canvas and will continue to work on it.

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Kikswap (Official ®)

Kikswap is a specified Crosschain DEX and staking platform for meme tokens. From staking these meme tokens to trading them with multi chain features.