Kikswap Provides Crosschain Staking Pools

Kikswap is not just meme token, A cross chain multi staking and spot trading platform on BSC Network

Kikswap (Official ®)
3 min readDec 17, 2021


Kikswap is a leading multi-chain staking protocol pegged to meme tokens. With the “multichannel” technology, its community members will be able to stake any token even on kikswap staking pools. This would be a de facto staking token for all currencies even using a similar strategy.

Each meme token will have a different set of validation and authorization on the network. While there are respective staking pools, users can bet KIK in exchange for rewards in the form of meme currencies.

Multi-chain staking

Kikswap is the first multi chain staking protocol pegged to meme tokens. With multi chain technology on the network its community members will be able to stake any of meme tokens on kikswap’s staking pools. It will be a de facto staking token for all meme currencies using a similar strategy.

There are a set of different staking pools on the platform

Staking pool 1

Invest KIK to get reward in Shib
APR is 107,310%

Staking pool 2

Invest KIK o get reward in Doge
APR is 179,546%

Staking pool 3

Invest KIK to get rewards in KIK
APR is 110,244.30%

Staking pool 4

Invest KIK to get reward in Akita
APR is 110,244.30%

Offering of multi chain staking on Kikswap network sets in alignment with the network’s core values and mission to provide high maintenance on the platform. The project will soon offer NFT staking on the platform (A process in which users can stake their NFTs in a liquidity pool instead of token, and gets rewards in form of NFTs as well as currencies).

Kikswap has validators and their delegators form so-called pools. The reward for each block is evenly divided into each pool and divided into validators and delegators in the pool based on the amount bet.

For example, if you have 10 validators and hundreds of delegates, 10% of the block reward will be allocated to each pool. However, within each pool, the rewards will be divided differently between the validator and the delegator, depending on the number of $KIK coins they have used.

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Kikswap (Official ®)

Kikswap is a specified Crosschain DEX and staking platform for meme tokens. From staking these meme tokens to trading them with multi chain features.